9 Critical Tips to Learn Programming faster for beginners


If you are also a type of person who is inspired by many applications and software and now wants to make your own or you want to make you fulfill a career in the Web Development Company then programming is an essential thing that you should learn first.

For many people learning to program is a little bit complicated because they don’t know where to start. If you are facing the same problem then you have to come to the right place. Because, in this article, I am going to tell you about some easy tips which you can apply in your programming journey.

1. Learn Basics – fundamentals is the very first thing that you should always focus on while learning Programming. I have seen many students who didn’t learn the basics properly. And then they usually get stuck later while learning the advanced concepts.

Basic learning

Learning Programming is the long term task so always start with the basics and then go to the next level.

2. Write Codes With Your Hand – There is no doubt that coding will always be done in computers but then why use hands?


The reason is if you ever go to a job interview or some kind of coding exams then at that time you will have to write codes with hands. And apart from this many experts have found that if you learn to code in this way then it will help you to remember for a long time. Although it’s time taking but also a beneficial thing.

3. Take Online Classes – During studying there would be certain topics that you might won’t understand from the same study material you were using or from the same way of teaching.

online classes

At that time don’t feel low because it usually happens with many students. So in that situation, you can learn from online resources like blogs, YouTube, Quora, etc. It will take time to find the best resource to learn from so be patient

4. Learn From The Mistakes – There is no doubt that you will make a lot of mistakes while learning Programming. But all you need to be calm and keep learning from your mistakes.

learn from mistake

Many a time you will face a bug in a program or a code you have written. But instead of feeling low or demotivated always try to resolve that bug and try to understand why it happened. So that you won’t do the same error again in the future.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Asking Help – We always feel shy or anxious whenever we ask for help. Because we think they will make fun of us but it’s not. Many Programmers are always ready to help their juniors.

take help from others

So whenever you come up with any issue while writing code or understanding the bug, so feel free to ask from professionals or your seniors in Website Designing Company. There are high chances that they have might face the same situation in their learning days so they will never refuse to help you.

6. Play With Codes – Don’t just read and learn codes that are written in the textbooks. Along with that always try to make some Lil bit changes in existing codes to find out what changes will be happening in the output. By doing things in this way you will feel more excited and will learn new things better.

play with codes


7. Take Breaks and Naps While Solving a Bug – Don’t indulge too much for a long period in the debugging process because it will cause you a headache.

take break

To avoid that it’s better to take some small naps or refreshment drinks while solving the bugs. These types of things will make your mind more fresh and peaceful and it will help you to solve the issue faster.

8. Keep Practicing – Don’t just rely on books or theory to understand Programming because things will be different and become more complicated when you will start doing it on a computer.

keep practicing

So keep practicing it on the computer from your day one. Because the more you practice on the computer the faster and better you will understand different concepts of Programming

9. Be Cool While Learning Programming – You need to be calm and relax while learning Programming. Because it can be frustrating sometimes while resolving the bugs. Many people avoid their meals and health routine but things shouldn’t be done in this way.


Mentally and physically fit is the most important thing for learning anything new so don’t avoid your health and food. Have patience and move forward slowly and steadily.


There is no doubt that Programming is the most exciting thing and at the same times its frustrating thing sometimes. But never feel demotivated just keep up with the process and always learn from your mistakes. So these were the simple steps that you can apply in your Programming journey to learn better than your peers.

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